About us

Skin Deep is dedicated to the care and treatment of all skin and specializes in the care and treatment of ethnic skin. According to Hampton University, by the year 2050 half of the US population will be represented by people of skin of color: Latina, African American, Mexican, Asian, Middle Eastern, Indian and the list goes on.

Skin Deep was founded with individual skin care needs in mind. We see our clients as human beings, not as “dollar signs”.  We have created a place where one can visit, get comfortable, relax and know that they will be treated as if they are our only client. Skin is a very personal topic for many people, both men and women, and we understand that while no one has perfect skin, it does not mean it is unattainable for all.

  • Our Philosophy
    Everyone has needs and desires. Needs are defined as “conditions marked by the lack of something requisite”, while desires are defined as “cravings for something that brings satisfaction or enjoyment”.

    These needs and desires may manifest as emotional, financial, physical, spiritual. No matter what the situation may be, everyone’s needs and desires are not identical. The desire and need for good skin is universal. Skin Deep knows that everyone can improve their skin condition, regardless of skin type, skin color or past skin abuse.

  • Our Commitment
    Our care simply does not stop when you walk out of our door. Skin Deep is committed to educating our clients on good skin care practices. We set “skin achievement” goals for all our clients with a plan to reach these goals within a reasonable amount of time.

    We believe in partnership. If you are committed to us, we are committed to you.

About April

April Cotten (Rodgers) is the owner of Skin Deep and is a Licensed Medical Esthetician with over 8 years experience working in a medical office. She has hands on experience with lasers used to treat permanent hair reduction, treating brown spots and redness from sun damage, and for pre cancerous lesions (AK’s and SK’s).

April has developed an extensive knowledge of the skin and how it reacts to products and chemicals by working closely under the direct supervision of  a Board Certified Dermatologist and Facial Plastic Surgeon. This knowledge became a passion for “perfecting the skin”, which resulted in a direct focus and direction. April is extremely passionate about helping you achieve optimal results and is dedicated to acquiring and maintaining your skin’s health.